Choosing the right pathway during the High School year is a critical part of any student’s portfolio and plans that will lead to university. At HimLam International School, we call this the “Program of Study”. When students reach grade 9 each individual student will meet along with the school university counselor along with their parents. During this time we use the motto to begin with the end in mind.

Having this approach of starting with the mindset of university goals and then working backwards which this journey starts in grade 9. Our dedicated and passionate counselors work diligently with each student to arrange the core subjects each child will need for university acceptance.

A major goal is for students to have balance in their learning which then leads to a balanced life in university as well with their careers. Regardless of the pathway each student will take, our mission is to support and mentor our students to be successful and obtain the milepost they have set for themselves.

HimLam International School offers two separate pathways for our students. General educational classes are taught in grade 9 and grade 10. Students then move into the IBDP (Diploma) program and complete the 2 year course. For students that wish to not pursue the IBDP we also offer general education subjects that lead to a high school diploma as well as university acceptance around the world.

Both our IB students and our general educational students both have the option to also take AP (Advanced Placement) courses. Each course work completed and passed gives the student university credits. Many students will leave HimLam International School with a plethora of university credits not only from the AP course work but from the IBDP.