Mission, Vision and Values


Him Lam International Schools nurture, inspire and empower our students to become active, respectful, and highly capable lifelong learners with the highest quality international standards for programmes and learning environment.


Him Lam International Schools strive to be the leader in education in Vietnam, providing the highest quality international education, tailored to prepare lifelong learners for success and for making great contributions to sustainable communities.


HIMLAMIS Core Values


Him Lam International Schools aim to care for each individual, offering each optimum conditions to develop their learning based on their own strengths.


Him Lam International Schools promote understanding and connectedness in an increasingly multicultural, international, yet interconnected world.


Him Lam International Schools apply multiple-intelligence development models to promote learning and understanding of our world. We aim to promote the exploration of learning through personal and intellectual strengths, meaning learning moments may be delivered in more than one learning style.


At Him Lam International School, we encourage self-management and the interest in learning from the early foundation stages, and continue to maintain and promote learning in many environments for many age groups.


Through optimal learning with various automatic technological applications, we promote creativity and design capabilities to develop knowledge and technological practices that are intertwined throughout our programs.


Him Lam International Schools promote internationalism through the celebration of a variety of international cultures and traditions. We promote respect and value different cultures and beliefs to offer an informed awareness of countries, cultures and languages other than one’s own. We encourage greater involvement in environment issues to develop international citizenship.