Integrated Programme Overview

Our Integrated Programme combines Vietnam national education with international curricula, offering students with two options.

IEYC Integrated Programme
English enthusiasts can choose the IEYC integrated programme, in which thematic units of the International Early Years Curriculum are intertwined with the MOET baselines.

Sarang Integrated Programme
Our Sarang integrated programme is designed for students of Korean education interest, with key subjects to follow the Korean standard and Nuri curricula while maintaining the quintessentials of the MOET programme.



Our Integrated Curriculum

Both our Integrated Programmes support children’s comprehensive development across five development areas based on the curriculum set by MOET, as well as the developmental objectives of the IEYC and Korean curricula in the fields of language, mathematics, and socio-cultural explorations.



Why choose our Integrated Programme?

Children receive a diverse range of subjects and activities from reputable curricula, with various topics and fundamental skills; helping students expand their thinking and have an understanding of different cultures around the world.

Advanced education methods from around the world are implemented in the programme such as Child-centred learning, Inquiry-based learning, Play-based learning, combined with Hands-on experiential activities. These methods not only facilitate natural and gentle knowledge absorption but also allow children to express emotions related to what they’ve learned through words or their creative projects.

Classes are delivered by our excellent and highly qualified team of Vietnamese and native English and Korean speaking teachers, ensuring children’s maximum exposure to languages, supporting their learning in the most natural environment.

Children have access to our vast libraries with thousands of English, Korean, and Vietnamese books to encourage children’s passion for reading.