Him Lam International School activities are designed with the educational philosophy of “Centres on Learners”; encouraging students to express their own personal identities while participating in team activities to sharpen their interpersonal skills. Student services focus on providing premium quality, contributing to the world class educational environment for ultimate learning experience.


At Him Lam International School, students are expected to wear proper uniform every day because we consider uniform is the best way to show identity and pride of school to the wider community as well as bring the students smart and practical school wear for different types of activities.

Kindergarten uniform

  • School T-shirt;
  • School skirt (for girls)/ shorts (for boys)/ trousers;
  • Sweater for winter;
  • Sport kit;
  • Hat.

Primary, Middle School, and High School uniform

  • School polo shirt/ shirt;
  • School skirt (for girls)/ shorts (for boys)/ trousers;
  • Gile, vest during winter;
  • Sport kit;
  • Hat.

Others requirement

  • Jewelry is to be kept to a minimum – one watch, one set of small ear studs;
  • Hair is to be kept neat and tidy;
  • Tattoos and facial piercings are not allowed;
  • Eye make-up and lipstick are not allowed;
  • Hats are to be worn outside for sun protection.

Transportation / School Bus

Him Lam International School school buses are monitored to fetch students to and from many places in the morning and in the afternoon. The students are all required to wear seatbelt during travelling. There is also a bus monitor with a mobile phone (for emergency cases) to escort students on each bus.

Pick-up and drop-off points are organized in the places which are suitable with the student’s residential address.

Fees are determined according to distance zones and revised every year. If you require further details about the school bus service, please contact the school office.

School Lunch & Snacks

At Him Lam International School, students are served with a varied menu which provides choices to suit individual taste. We fully understand the importance of hygiene and healthy eating lifestyle, therefore; students are well encouraged to make the sensible choice during the meal.

Him Lam International School is committed to cater nutritious food for all meals and snacks with the controlled quantities of fat and sugar and make sure that all the children receive food and drink with their needs and parents’ wishes.

All the food is prepared freshly everyday by our professional catering provider with strict quality and hygiene control. The menu is also changed regularly every 4-week.

School shop

The school shop is located in the main entrance for those wishing to purchase extra uniforms or stationary. It is open during school hours from Monday to Friday.