Integrated Programme Overview

The Integrated Programme is suitable for students who wish to follow an integrated education featuring both key themes from the Cambridge International Curriculum and the essentials of the Vietnam National Curriculum. This learning programme is designed to meet the needs of our Vietnamese students while allowing them to be exposed to international teaching methods and learning approaches, hence helping students to develop a broader perspective and a more well-rounded understanding of their education.

Our Integrated Programme graduates benefit from a highly flexible learning pathway, whether they choose to continue their higher education in any top universities in Vietnam or opt to study abroad.



Student Pathway



Why choose our Integrated Programme?

• Students learn key themes from the Cambridge International Curriculum through integrated subjects of English – Mathematics – Science – Computing.
• A seamless pathway that is not only suitable for students to follow national universities but also offers them a great resource when studying abroad.
• Students develop the ability to mobilise and synthesise knowledge as well as skills in many different fields.
• Students develop in all aspects, not only in theory but also in real-life practice.