Welcome to HIMLAMIS Bac Ninh

Him Lam International School Bac Ninh is dedicated to inspiring a passion for learning and encouraging emotional and intellectual vitality. Together, our highly trained staff are working to empower our students with confidence and courage to contribute to a global community and supply them with the tools necessary to achieve their dreams.

Education is not the filling of a pail of water, but the lighting of a fire, and we as educators aspire to be that spark that lights the flame. In the classrooms and as a school, we continue to pursue the balance that provides solid academic preparation with opportunities for students to succeed on their educational journey.

As educators, we understand that students are individuals who learn in varied ways, develop at different paces, and bring a wide variety of talents and interests to the classroom. Our goal is to foster the relationship between the students and their teachers by maintaining a constant stream of information between them in person and on paper. We understand the concept of teaching the ‘whole child’, and we will continue to support the teaching staff, and enrich the curriculum as well as the ongoing professional development.

We are devoted to assisting each child in growing intellectually, socially, physically, and with a sense of civic pride. Him Lam International School Bac Ninh has a deep appreciation for the philosophy of life and what constitutes real happiness. We firmly believe that it is not through self-gratification but through fidelity to a worthy purpose. From this point of view, this philosophy also applies to education, we must have the vision to share with our students. As a philosopher once said, “It is not enough to stare up the steps, we must step up the stairs”. Children need excitement and drive to move forward to succeed and learn. Without motivation, children begin to lose interest, and the result is they lose the motivation to succeed.

At Him Lam International School Bac Ninh, we foster students to inquire, and we support them on their journey. Come and visit our beautiful campus, as we prepare the leaders for tomorrow, one experience and one lesson at a time.

Him Lam International School Bac Ninh Management Team