On July 16, at Him Lam Green Park, Dai Phuc, Bac Ninh city, Him Lam International School Bac Ninh had successfully held the grand opening ceremony of the school, officially launching the first school in Kinh Bac to provide an international standard training program taught 100% in English.


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With the desire to dedicate to the Education of Bac Ninh province, to meet the needs of parents in Bac Ninh and the surrounding area who want to invest in the future of their children, Him Lam International School Bac Ninh, established in 2021 – is the first and only international school in Bac Ninh up to this point, providing academic programs for children from Kindergarten to High School. The school is located on the campus of Him Lam Green Park – where Him Lam devotes all their wisdom and enthusiasm to bring new values ​​​​to Kinh Bac – the land of geniuses.


The investor & founder of Him Lam Education, Mr Duong Cong Minh said: “With the motto of engaging society in business activities, I personally, along with Him Lam Corporation and Lien Viet Post Bank, have contributed more than 10,000 billion Vietnam dong to social projects. In particular, in the field of Education, we have built more than 200 schools of all levels in various provinces throughout the country. Him Lam International School Bac Ninh was established with the desire to further improve the education quality of Bac Ninh province. We also complete other social facilities according to international standards to attract foreign experts working in Bac Ninh to choose Bac Ninh as a place to live, bringing more benefit to the province’s residents.”


Korean Ambassador in Vietnam, Mr. Park Noh-wan expressed, “Bac Ninh and the neighbouring province of Bac Giang are home to many Korean citizens. I hope that many children of Korean expatriates here will be nurtured with their dreams and abilities in the good conditions of Him Lam International School in Bac Ninh.”


With the goal of “centres on learners”, Him Lam International School Bac Ninh wants to inspire, empower, and prepare the necessary skills for students from the very first years of their lives, helping them to qualify for admission to the world’s leading universities as well as to build the pride of the young Vietnamese generation to confidently integrate into the international world.

“The establishment of Him Lam International School in Bac Ninh is the first step for a new positive, progressive and international educational movement in the land of modern and civilized Quan Ho”, said Mr Dao Quang Khai – Member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee – Vice Chairman of Bac Ninh Province emphasized. Not only placing the curriculum as the core based on the local cultural identity, this school is also invested in modern facilities, along with a team of rigorously selected and trained international teachers. capacity regularly according to the standards of international educational organizations.


Him Lam International School Bac Ninh uses the IB International Baccalaureate program in teaching for all grades. This program originated from Switzerland, and is currently used in more than 5,400 schools worldwide – considered the most comprehensive and prestigious today. In addition, HIMLAMIS also provides an Integrated program, combining the International Education program and the curriculum of the Ministry of Education and Training depending on family’s future orientation and capacity of their children.



Built on the campus of Him Lam Green Park, with an area of ​​2.2ha, the school owns the most modern and complete infrastructure system including three main subdivisions, including: 60 classrooms with bright lights. natural light and air filtration system, 50 function and practice rooms, 2800m2 gymnasium, 2 four-season swimming pools, 2 libraries. In particular, the library block, music room, and playground are designed specifically for Kindergarten and High School, in accordance with the specific needs of each age group.



“The grand opening of Him Lam International School Bac Ninh is really a memorable milestone for the education industry of Bac Ninh province in particular and the Northern region in general. The International Baccalaureate Programs is an advanced educational program of high quality in the world with the goal of developing a young, inquisitive, full of modern knowledge and skills, and have the qualities and motivation to become elite global citizens, contributing to build a better life. With a team of carefully selected teachers from many countries around the world, with a system of modern, synchronous and reliable facilities, Him Lam International School Bac Ninh will provide the best international learning environment for Bac Ninh students.” – Prof. Dr. Pham Hong Chuong, President of National Economics University speaking at the Grand Opening ceremony.



The ceremony was attended by nearly 400 distinguished guests from the Leadership Board of Bac Ninh Province & Bac Ninh City, the Embassy of the Republic of Korea, the Association of Koreans in Vietnam, the Board of Directors of Him Lam and other member units, parents, students, school staff and media representatives.

After a period of construction, Him Lam International School Bac Ninh has been completed, ready for the first school year to open in August 2022.


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