Him Lam International School activities are designed with the educational philosophy of “Centres on Learners”; encouraging students to express their own personal identities while participating in team activities to sharpen their interpersonal skills. Student services focus on providing premium quality, contributing to the world class educational environment for ultimate learning experience.

School Activities

Aside from the academic programmes, we also raise children’ interest by supplying a diverse range of extra-curricular activities, such as:

  • Sports club e.g. swimming, basketball, football;
  • Art Awareness;
  • Musical Awareness.

Students are encouraged to join various extra-curricular activities after school. They might include art, craft, music, sports or STEM clubs which are arranged for different ages, interests and abilities. These extra-curricular activities offer opportunities for students to make new friends, practice their current talents and discover their new abilities.

Phòng âm nhạc dành cho khối cấp 2 và 3 trường Quốc tế HimLam Bắc Ninh

Students at most grade groups take part in a variety of trips and expeditions depending on class learning and skills that are being explored.

We warmly welcome parent participation in our school life and encourage parents to be very active in their child’s school life. Soon, a Parent-Teacher Association will be set up whereas a parent body, collectively, the parents will have a voice in the school operations and activities.

School Clubs

At Him Lam International School, the idea of Clubs is seen as an opportunity for exploring interests beyond the classroom, adaptation to lifelong, and forming good lifelong habits.

In the school, various club activities are organized to help students shape their interests, display their talent, and prepare them for internal school competitions, national and international competitions also.

Club activities not only help students pursue their hobbies but also hone their leadership and social skills. Students in Him Lam International School share their ideas and enjoy learning from each other during club periods which help them develop communication skills and make friendships based on common interests.

Him Lam International School Club offerings vary from year to year depending on student interest.