The Integrated Programme of Him Lam International School Bac Ninh is built on Vietnam National Curriculum (by the Ministry of Education and Training Vietnam) and the school’s International Programme.

The Integrated Programme is designed to meet the needs of our Vietnamese students and it is integrated with English-language subjects. In this programme, students’ learning outcomes will be tailored firmly to their home country but will also allow students to respond well internationally in those subjects taught in English.

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Our Integrated Curriculum

Him Lam International School Bac Ninh’s Integrated Programme is suitable for students who wish to follow the Vietnam National Curriculum and improve their knowledge with integrated subjects of English, Mathematics and Science.

Through the integrated programme, students will have a solid knowledge base in accordance with the standards of the Vietnam Ministry of Education and Training and also the opportunity to study the key themes within our international programs such as:

  • Kindergarten, from 2-6 years old: The International Early Years Curriculum – IEYC.
  • Primary, Grade 1-5: Cambridge Primary.
  • Secondary, Grade 6-9: Cambridge Lower Secondary & IGCSE Year 1.
  • High School, Grade 10-12: International Test Preparation (Ex.: IELTS, SAT/ACT, …).

Students will be continuously trained throughout the period of study from Kindergarten to Grade 12. Students will have the opportunity to demonstrate their dynamic learning results through activities such as reports, exhibitions, science projects, and reports.

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Why choose our Integrated Programme?

  • The curriculum follows strictly all standards of Vietnam’s Ministry of Education and Training.
  • Integrated students will be confident in any Vietnam National Exams.
  • Learn in English through integrated subjects of English – Mathematics – Science.
  • A seamless pathway that is not only suitable for students to follow national universities but also offers them a great resource when studying abroad.
  • Students develop the ability to mobilise and synthesise knowledge as well as skills in many different fields.
  • Students develop in all aspects, not only in theory but also in real-life practice.