About the Integrated Program

Him Lam International School’s integrated program is a combination of the Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam (MOET)’s curriculum and International education programs. The Integrated Program is implemented from Kindergarten to High School in 2 phases:
– From Kindergarten to Middle School: An Integrated Program of MOET and IB
– High School: Integrated Program of MOET and Western General Education

Besides MOET’s program, students who study Integrated Program will continue to study intensively in 4 integrated subjects including Math, Foreign Languages, Science and ICT in both English and Vietnamese languages.

Why an Integrated Program?

The Integrated Program is for Vietnamese students who wish to continue studying MOET’s program while enhancing and improving their knowledge with integrated subjects through learning in both languages: English and Vietnamese in 4 subjects Math, Science, Foreign Language and ICT.

For subjects not included in the integrated subjects but related to IB Program such as Music, Fine Arts and Physical Education, IB international teachers will participate directly in classes and teaching according to MOET and IB programs.

The Integrated Program will help students develop the ability to mobilize and synthesize knowledge and skills in many different fields to effectively solve problems in learning and life. This combination aims to perfect students in all aspects between a strong side in theory and depth and a focus on application and practice. Through this, students do not stop at theory but also know how to apply it to life along with the improvement of English ability.